How to Pick Your Best Summer Getaway

It’s so hard to pick one spot to travel to when you have a whole summer but only a few days off work. Its also difficult to plan where to go when you have the world in the palm of your hand, so for this one, we’re going to concentrate on the northeast area to keep things simple. 

New York City

A place so great there are songs written about it, the city that has pretty much about everything. Go see a play, a concert, celebrities, beautiful restaurants and museums, anything you can think of! This would be the best place for a younger crowd that wants to stay constantly busy and don’t mind the fast pace environment. If you’re new to the 21 club, this is the place to bar hop. With unlimited options here, you could never be bored. 


Another great city that has so much history. My favorite plan in this great city is to see a Boston Red Sox game at the Fenway stadium, the crowd is electric, and the games are always good. This is a great place for a family trip with a more slowed pace than NYC. Still similar to New York, these lots of things to do for all ages. A cute place to bring kids is the new England aquarium but I would also recommend this to animal lovers. Boston is full of museums for all ages from the fine arts to the children’s museum, there a museum for everyone.

Newport, Rhode Island

Newport is a gorgeous place that you could go to the beach or walk around the cute towns they have. This is a cute place to chill out with friends or significant others with a slow pace and lots of walking. The most famous place to go to would, of course, be the mansions, all the mansions are incredible and crazy to think that one family lived in them at a time. if you enjoy walking and seeing history this would be the tour to take. Or maybe if you just enjoy walking and want to be part of nature, there’s also a cliff walk that has wonderful views and there’s nothing like it. If walking isn’t for you, and you are a wine lover, Newport also was vineyards you could visit too.

Wildwood and Cape May, New Jersey

Now New Jersey has a bad rep from the show jersey shore, but I can assure you the beaches and great and so is the food. A fun tourist place to visit is Wildwood which has older hotels and fun rides right on the bored walk. This would be a great place to take kids with games on the bored walk as well, really a great weekend getaway with the family. Want to see more of the town without traffic? Wildwood has bike rentals for singular people and groups of four! Want some time on the water? kayaking and stand up paddle boarding if you want some peace and quiet. If you want something a little more mature Cape May is just a short ride away with shopping, food, and beaches as well.

Mystic, Connecticut 

If you love boating or history, the Mystic Seaport is the place for you with tons of historical boats, a shipyard, and other exhibits. Another popular place to visit is the Mystic aquarium, great for all ages and you get a little education on the animals they have. For the shoppers, there is the Olde Mistick Village, with little stores up and down the streets it’s a cute place to walk around while getting 1720s village views. This is the place for history junkies who love to learn about the history of the area.

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