Summer Fashion Must Haves

Summer is a wonderful time to show off your wardrobe walking down the streets anywhere. Getting to go to bars in cute outfits instead of sweaters, getting to walk around in cute sandals rather than clunky boots, it’s just a better season for clothes. Here are a few things that you MUST have in your wardrobe this summer.

Snake Skin

Snakeskin has made a comeback ladies and its huge! Honestly, you could do anything snakeskin and it looks great, pants, shoes, dresses, tops, they all look great! It’s also versatile enough to wear going out or to work!

Two Strap Sandals 

These heels go with everything all you have to do is change the color, I know myself I have these shoes in black, white and nude and I could match them with everything. These heels not only go with everything but let your feet breathe in this hot weather.

White Sneakers

These bad boys are perfect for going with anything, comfy to walk in, and covering up a bad pedicure. They may be tricky to keep clean I know you’re thinking, but nothing a little waterproof spray couldn’t handle! These shoes come in different styles too if some of you are afraid, you could do the chunky Fila style, classic white converse, or quick slip-on Vans.

White Pants

White pants are always a summer trend with the rule you can’t wear them after Labor Day. So, get funky this summer and buy a few styles like ripped, flared, or skinny. Wearing white pants instead of the usual denim or black makes such a statement too with such ease in a color change. 


Everyone’s wearing them, while they may not be great for the office, they’re perfect for running to the store or the beach. I’ve even seen these worn to class in college, it’s just a great shoe to slip on with a little more style than flip flops.

One piece

At first, I wasn’t sure how to feel about these since I did swimming and had to wear them when I was younger, but the styles they have are sexy and new. The best part is how you could wear them not only to the beach but as a bodysuit going out if its trendy enough. Throw on a cute pair of pants and bag and nobody would know it’s a bathing suit!


Sunnys are the cherry on top for outfits, and everybody needs them, so why not make your go-to pair a cute trendy one! My personal favorite is the one-piece rimless sunglasses, but another popular style is cat-eye or aviators. To find the best fit is to understand your face shape and go to a store in person to try on different styles to see what looks best. Asking for help at a sunglass store will also give you a quick answer if you’re unsure what looks best and don’t want to spend all day browsing. 

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