What to Pack for your Summer Vacation

Summer is upon us and for some, that means traveling to beautiful places either in the country or out. I know personally, I just drove to North Carolina to get a different beach view. So, whether you’re traveling by plane or by car, here are some things to pack for a fun-filled vacation near the beach. 


Now you know the basics like a bathing suit, shorts, coverups, but who doesn’t love a good sundress to wear to dinner! They’re so comfortable and look great on and off the beach. 

Comfy Socks

Did you also know wearing socks to bed helps you sleep at night? It may be strange packing socks when you’re traveling to 85-degree weather places but its always nice to have a pair in case your hotel or Airbnb is chilly for the AC.

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is my holy grail product, learning how damaging it is to shampoo your hair every day, I like to give a quick spray of this on my busy days that my hair needs a little help. This is perfect in the travel size too if you’re getting off your plane and going straight to activities and don’t want to look like you just got off a few hour plane ride.


I never get time to casually read when I’m busy with school and work, so when going away in use this time to pack a few books and get through as many as I can. There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting on the beach with a good book and the waves crashing in the distance.

Hand Sanitizer and Wipes

When I was on my plane from Ireland, I learned that they don’t disinfect the plane in between passengers, ew! So I made sure next time I get on a plane I would bring wipes for the trey and armchairs and hand sanitizer for whenever I touched something else on the plane. You could even use these things for long car rides, using some hand sanitizer before you eat some fast food you stop at.

Reusable Water Bottle 

Hearing about how much litter is around the world and it having nowhere to go, I try to do my part in helping the environment by using a reusable water bottle. When traveling by plane, make sure to keep it empty when going through security, after that you can fill it up at the closest fountain. this was also super helpful for my car ride, it’s easy to get dehydrated traveling so it’s important to drink enough fluids. This saves you money from buying a new bottle every time and is also less garbage the planet has to deal with.

Printable checklists

Sometimes making a list from your head, you forget a few things to pack, but getting a printable already made list, saves you the horror of forgetting something important or has you pack items you never would have thought about. These things save me so much stress and anxiety, I no longer travel to my vacation spot thinking “Did I forget something?”

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